The Shimano Ultegra XSE will not only enable you to cast further, but will also play fish better, last longer, and as an added bonus, look great on whatever rod you pair it with.

Inside the lightweight, rigid Ci4+ body of the Shimano Ultegra XSE you’ll find a selection of Shimano’s most advanced technology including game-changing features such as Hagane Gear and X-SHIP, which combine with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive to deliver amazing smoothness and lightweight rotation.

The end result being that when you put the Ultegra under pressure it will produce all of the power you need, and more.


While the internal engineering is a work of art, it’s the casting performance that will be the main reason most shore anglers will choose this reel. The Super Slow 5 Oscillation generates amazingly smooth line lay which is proven to reduce friction and increase casting potential. Rigid Cast reduces spool deflection at the moment of release during a cast, while Parallel Body sends the line at the perfect angle towards the first guide, and as the line flows over the lip of the aluminium AR-C spool it ‘coils down’ to reduce friction. The result is casting brilliance never before seen at such an affordable price.

The Ultegra 14000 XSE is supplied with a spare spool, has a 4.3:1 retrieve ratio and weighs 20.6oz. It has a voluminous line capacity of up to 600 yards of 12lb, or 330 yards of 20lb monofilament. Obviously, these figures increase significantly if using braid. In addition, each spool is provided with filler inserts which, when fitted, reduce overall line capacity of the spool, ideal when using ultra-thin braid.


  • Body material: Ci4+
  • Bearings: 4+1
  • Family type: big pit/surf
  • Extra spool: alu cold forged
  • Models: 14000
  • Spool material: aluminium anodised – alu cold forged
  • Waterproof drag: no
  • Handle: screw in gear aluminium forged – anodised
  • Available from all Shimano dealerships

RRP £179.99