PRICE £139.99

Length: 12ft 8in
Sections: Two
Guides: Fuji BNHG
Casting weight: 4-8oz
Reducer: Yes
Bag: Yes

The Premium launches a new series of Hellbender surf rods from Abu Garcia that also includes the Surf, HS and FS. This model ticks all the right boxes for a beach rod and, to be honest, I reckon it is punching above its weight, says Paul Fenech.
After a couple of ‘soft’ pendulum casts using a palm-size multiplier, 15lb mainline and 70lb shockleader, I shortened my drop slightly to apply the power faster, resulting in my cast speeding up through to the punch stroke, where the compression of the rod came through to launch the sinker high and long with very little wobble at the end.

The butt section accommodates a lot of power that is easily transferred to a medium to fast tip that compresses well when the load is applied.
Fans of reducers will be pleased to learn that one is included, and this is perfect for fitting the reel at the extreme end of the rod. When retrieving, you simply slot in the reducer and the reel is easier to use.
There’s no need to worry about losing sight of the reducer in the shingle while casting because it is a burnt orange colour – like the butt section.
Nine Fuji BNHG shock-absorbing rings line the tip to guide the line smoothly during the cast, while adding to the attractiveness of the rod. The end-tip section is painted white to help with bite detection but is not over-stiff, which helps to prevent the sinker from being dragged out of its holding position in a strong tide.
Diamond shrink wrap provides a good grip for your hands, and an adjustable Abu Grip-Lok winch fitting can be positioned anywhere along the butt section.
Anyone who is looking to upgrade their beach rod should take a serious look at this model, where both the item and price will be appealing.

Final thought

This high-modulus carbon rod is ideal for someone learning the sport and wanting to move on to a more powerful multiplier version.