PRICE £155.99

Anglers who prefer to use a fixed-spool reel from the shore, and are looking to upgrade their current shore rod, should seriously take a look at the Abu Garcia Hellbender Surf before they make their final decision.

Available in two lengths, 14ft and 15ft, the Hellbenders are manufactured from a multi-dynamic high modulus carbon. These lengths are perfect if you want to put three hookbaits a long way and precisely into a feeding zone.

The Hellbender Surf gives you no fuss, doesn’t bite you back if you suddenly mistime a cast and, with its lightweight feel, landing a fish is so much more enjoyable.

Talking of weight, the 14ft version tips the scales at just 597g and is rated to cast 3-7oz, while the 15ft model slightly beats it at 624g and is rated to cast 4-6oz – but nevertheless, you probably won’t notice the extra weight once you clamp a reel on.

As with any three-piece rod, transporting it to a venue is a doddle.

Housed along the middle and tip sections are tri-SiC guides with built-in shock absorbers that are a perfect size for use with a fixed-spool reel and perfectly spaced to prevent line making contact with the blank.

A genuine Fuji reel clamp is fixed up the rod and again positioned perfectly just an arm’s length from the butt cap. Modern-style grips for the hands are exactly where they should be – for your hands – and provide a good grip even when it is wet.

It casts very well with only the slightest wobble after the punch stroke, and it sits in the tripod steady and firm. Bite detection is excellent, with even the slightest of nibbles showing well, especially if you are using braid.

Cosmetically, the rod is superb and finished expertly with black whipping and a silver edge. The tip sports hi-viz white to help you spot bites in the dark and it fits neatly into its own velvet-style bag that is secured with Velcro for protection.

Overall, the Hellbender Surf is a perfect choice if you’re looking to upgrade or add to your armoury, both in terms of quality and price. It’s a truly smashing three-piece Continental-style rod.

As reviewed by the Sea Angler Team, 2010