PRICE £269.99

As most of my fishing is done in the Bristol Channel this is the sort of rod I am most used to fishing with. I used it straight after the Surf and changing up to a 6oz lead made my 525 Supermag scream as I put a single crab bait as far as possible in search of a hound. The fact I missed the huge slack line bite was in no way the rods fault but more down to me chatting. The Beach was a more suited rod to the conditions and the tip sat nicely in the tide but still showed the inevitable rattle of the poor cod. It is a great rod to cast with good feel and response from either a gentle lay back or fishing pendulum.

A good all round rod with the power to fish for cod, rays, hounds etc but still good fun on days when whiting and dogfish are the more likely catch.

13’ high modulus low diameter carbon blank
very easy to use progressive casting action
casts 6 – 8oz with up to three baits
Subtle rod graphics.
Genuine Fuji BMNAG guides.
Non-slip shrink tube.
Custom style black tipped red slim whippings
High quality size 27mm stainless steel
coasters with duplon inserts.
Custom made rod bag
Supplied in a protective hard tube for
transport & protection.