PRICE £199.99

Sea Angler Editor Mel Russ saw the light several years ago when he hooked two good bass in succession on lures. Here he looks at the new six-model anyfish anywhere lure rod range and he’s starting to twitch…

These new Japanese-style lure rods have such fast actions they take you by surprise when you fire a lure seawards or haul hard when a bass is running. They take some getting used to…but what fun.

Spinning or bass rods built in Britain are either steely to the point where they can feel dead or are so sloppy they won’t drive a lure any great distance. They can launch a softie or a hard lure, but you need the right shoulder of an Agincourt archer to get them to work properly.

This new burgundy-red coloured anyfish anywhere range of six rods, on the other hand, puts the fizz back in lure fishing. The crux of the new design is a blank that has an amazingly fast action. Freeze-frame an angler casting with one of these rods under full power and you see it almost wrapped around his head.

The rods not only allow the angler to be a very aggressive caster, they become an extension of the hand, giving a high degree of control when hauling hard baits and softer jellies.

You control the rod, the reel and how the lure performs in the water. So the rod delivers the lure – it then makes it come to life in the water, either by twitching the tip, changing direction, stopping the lure dead or cranking like mad. But the best bit is, in my opinion, still to come.

The fish smacks the lure, you react and the anyfish rod takes the load. You can talk about rod actions, lengths, handles and materials till the cows come home, but I just want to be shaken by an out of the blue hook-up and then I want to have a one-to-one relationship with the fish.

These rods will do it, and for not big bucks compared with other like-for-like rods on the market.