PRICE £269.99

Technical because they incorporate advanced composite engineering benefits only available at Century. The Kompressor S model is a two piece equal sectioned and 13’10” long. The Gearbox Design in the butt section caters for a wide range of casting ratios. The Kompressors are Autoclaved for action retention. Designed, tested and approved by Danny Moeskops incorporating many of the latest technical features that have dominated the casting and marine fishing scene.

Evolutionary – because they take forward one of the most legendary names in sea rods. The new lower diameter 25mm butt section, enhanced action, ergonomic grips and tougher finish is user friendly and durable. The new Kompressors have evolved into what Danny has cited as “the best Century has ever made” – for easy delivery of a wide range of baits and weights at range.

The Kompressor S is a direct equivalent in performance to the existing Sport and SS version has a stiffer butt and enhanced Gearbox Design to facilitate casting and hauling over rougher ground.

This rod has been designed for guys who just want to get out there and fish. Lightweight and balanced with a great casting action. Perfect for fishing over mixed ground beaches.
casting range – 4-8oz