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Tip Tornado Ultra Lite

The Ultra Lite has deceptive power despite its fine dimensions. There are many times when a standard beachcaster outguns the conditions. Inside calm estuaries, harbours and sea lochs there is a definite need for light gear which brings finesse to the situation. Changes within sea angling including variation in population numbers of many species means more fishing is done from the shore in summer style conditions. For small, plentiful fish the Ultra Lite brings big advantages including the use of lighter lines and bait presentation is smooth without the jerking action imposed by stiffer rods. Pressure on smaller hooks is also improved because the cushioning effect of the tip and bite sensitivity is better than ever. The new Ultra Lite is great news for the angler who still wants to cast 4ozs and really enjoy a light high performance rod when bigger bonus fish are

Blank Colour: Black
Butt: 79.5” (2.02m)
Casting Ratio: 3-5oz 85-150gm
Butt Diameter: 0.75” (1.91cm)
Length: 13’ (3.96m)
Tip: 76.5” (1.94m)
Supplied in quality partition rod bag and Century Stainless Steel Coasters
Normally £219.55 Gerry’s online price £197.50