PRICE £199.00

A 16ft three-piece Continental-style beachcaster in blue and grey carbon (67in sections). Casting rating is 4-8oz and the rod is ringed for a fixed-spool with six aluminium oxide shock rings whipped in black. The butt ring is a fold-down type. The hooded reel seat is 31in centre from a metal contoured butt cap and handle, but no handgrips. Cloth bag.

Alan says: Including this new Continental-style beachcaster in this collection gives me a chance to shout about what can be good about the best rods. It’s long, light and powerful. Strap on a good fixed-spool reel loaded with 12lb mono and watch the lead fly from just the most basic overhead thump. Balance is awesome, fishing feel is delightful and power endless – there is no comparison with a 50-quidder!