At 14 feet long, this is a powerful and lightweight three-piece rod designed for British beaches


RRP: £245

Daiwa produces some of the best shore tackle in the world and, as such, is renowned for knowing exactly what a shore angler demands in terms of rods. Yet, it has struck me that I never see huge numbers of the company’s shore rods being used on the beach. It’s odd because they are incredibly good, honest outfits.

I still use a couple of Daiwa two-piece shore rods and I’ve always got along well with them. They are lightweight, impeccably finished and offer superb performance. Adding to that, they don’t cost a fortune either.

The latest outfit to cross my path is the Daiwa Saltist Surf blank. It’s a 14ft three-piece rod and designed to be coupled with a fixed-spool reel. I’m primarily a multiplier user but, occasionally, I will switch to a fixed-spool outfit, so I was intrigued to find out exactly how this rod would perform and, more importantly, what it had to offer.


It’s a rather understated carbon blank but shows off an incredibly classy look. As you would expect from Daiwa, it is fitted with top-end components, such as Fuji ‘O’ guides and reel seat. Weighing just 500g, it balances really well once the reel is fixed into position.

Amazingly, it’s actually quite a powerful blank and not in the slightest tippy. In fact, as I was soon to find out, the tip is rather pacey during a cast with an awful lot of reserved energy remaining in the butt and middle sections. I wouldn’t even go as far as to label this outfit as Continental; it’s actually a three-piece rod designed to be used on British beaches.


Rated to cast loads between 84-150g, I decided to use its upper recommendation and gave it a firm overhead thump. Unsurprisingly, I got the feel of its speed from the off. Pushing through the cast, the tip really does progress quickly . When I hit the sinker, it certainly left me feeling that I could definitely be a lot firmer.

In an attempt to compress the blank a lot more, for the next cast I laid the lead weight on the shingle rather than having it hanging. That certainly did the trick as I fired my rig high into the sky. After allowing the sinker to settle and dig in, I wound down on the reel to bend the tip section into the tide run to find out its reaction. The tip certainly sits well and held a steady position throughout.

All in all, it’s a top performer. While I prefer a two-piece model, lovers of three-piece rods will be happy with it particularly as it is easy to transport.

It’s stylish, powerful and lightweight and a genuine UK shore rod that will be right at home on clean beaches, promenades and piers. I’m looking forward to seeing more anglers using this outfit on the beach, rather than opting for a more Continental blank. I predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its performance.


MODEL: Daiwa Saltist Surf

LENGTH: 14ft


GUIDES: Fuji ‘O’


RATING: 84g-150g

BAG: Yes

RRP: £245

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