The original Super Kenzaki rods were the first equal length, two-section boat rods that I can recall, and over time the product has evolved and the choice diversified writes Dave Barham.

These latest incarnations are nothing short of superb, with new ranges of boat, travel and fixed-spool rods to suit all manner of fishing situations, both here in the UK and abroad.

To kick off with I’m going to start with a look at the fixed-spool rods. Because more boat anglers are turning to fixed-spool reels, especially in lighter line classes, Daiwa has kept up with the times and produced three ‘FS’ models under the Super Kenzaki banner.


Sporting a 7ft 6in blank, the ringing on these rods differs to that on the boat rods in order to accommodate the line corridor from a fixed-spool reel. There are three rods in the FS range, all of which measure 7ft 6in long and are priced at £150 each.

The 6/12lb-class weighs a mere 250g and is absolutely perfect for all manner of boat fishing applications, such as working lures for bass and pollack, or drifting for plaice, fishing at anchor for black bream and wrasse to downtiding for bass, smoothhounds and small rays.

Next up is the 12/20lb-class rod, which weighs 255g. This blank has a bit more beef in the butt, as you would expect, and is particularly suited to working larger lures over reefs and wrecks for larger pollack, cod and big bass. It also lends itself to downtiding for rays, tope and small conger eels.

Last but not least is the 20-30lb class blank, which weighs in at only 270g. This is the real powerhouse of the bunch and one that I am intending to take to Norway next year in search of monster halibut. It’s a lovely rod to fish with, and matched with a suitable reel loaded with 30 or 40lb braid, you’ll have no problems stopping a big blue shark or hefty conger eel with this rod.


As with all Daiwa rods the build quality is nothing short of superb. This, coupled with the quality fittings, provides exceptional value for money. Because the rods are equal length sections, they lend themselves to a push-in style joint, which makes it very easy to assemble the two halves and twist to get the eyes lined up correctly.

I love the subtle unground carbon finish with the snazzy blue and silver graphics – it’s very Daiwa. I really like the oversized EVA foregrips too; they’re slightly formed to give a rounded feel to them and they sit really well in the hand either side of the reel seat.

Daiwa never scrimps on fittings, using only the best Fuji products on their rods. All of these FS models feature Fuji ‘O’ ring guides – 10 on each blank including the tip. All the reel seats are Fuji DPS, and the rather innovative Fuji GRC butt caps complete the Fuji fittings used in the range. These butt caps have a gimbal fitting cut into them in such a way as not to be uncomfortable when jamming the butt into your groin for leverage. I really like them and it does away with the need for those nasty push-on butt caps that we all end up losing after a couple of trips afloat.


If, like me, you enjoy your fixed-spool sea fishing afloat then this range of FS Kenzaki rods is well worth a look. I’ve already mentioned just a few of the applications that these rods can be used for, but there are so many more. I can’t wait to get hooked up to something a big bigger on the 12/20lb-class model to see just how much power it has.

I’ll be reviewing more rods from the Super Kenzaki range in Sea Angler soon.


Powerful carbon blank


EVA Fore and Rear Grip

Fuji ‘O’ Ring Guides

Fuji DPS Reel Seat

Fuji GRC Butt Cap

Price: £150 each

For more details on the FS rods and others in the new Super Kenzaki range, visit: www.daiwasports.co.uk