On occasions, a regular frenzy of activity happens from shore anglers who are willing to hand hundreds of pounds across the tackle shop counter for a rod that will probably never suit them…but I reckon some could do themselves a big favour if they just stopped and re-assessed for a moment, before quickly parting with their cash.

Rather than following the crowd and opting to buy the current trendy poker that so many suggest is the best money can buy, it may be an idea discovering what other blanks are stood in the shop’s rod rack. For instance, a company that still offers some fantastic beach rods that appeal to all levels of the sport is Daiwa.

All are totally user-friendly and built with quality components. A shore rod from Daiwa certainly deserves more than just a mere fleeting glance, in my opinion.

Read between the lines of my thinking and you’ve probably guessed the point I’m attempting to make. Hopefully, you’ll suddenly realise that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

No matter what level or ability you may think your shore fishing is at, the range of beach rods available from Daiwa pretty much covers all the relevant bases. Whether you’re a match angler at the top of your game, a travelling specimen-hunter, or simply a day-fisher who chooses to venture out only a few times a month; a peek at Daiwa’s range of beach rods will most certainly reveal a quality outfit that suits you.

I recently took a couple of models that differ in price for a day’s pleasure fishing on a North Norfolk shingle bank. Actually, the pair are miles apart in price, but, performance-wise, I was really impressed.


RRP: £85 – £95

I really liked this three-piece outfit, and if you’re fishing to a tight budget, I reckon you will like it too.

For less than a hundred quid, you certainly get a lot of rod for your buck. Okay, it’s not graced with premium components, but don’t let that put you off because this rod performs exquisitely on the beach.

It loads up slowly and progressively when casting, and it’s not the quickest blank I’ve ever used, but it does come through incredibly well and fires a baited rig smoothly.

There are three models to choose from at 13ft, 14ft and 15ft – I used the 14ft model. It offers a decent casting rating at 3-7oz, but I think you’ll find it much more manageable using a 5oz sinker with bait on the beach.

Finished impeccably, it’s lined with aluminium oxide guides that are perfect for using a fixed-spool reel loaded with mono or braided mainlines. The reel seat is a DPS screw-winch fixed version, positioned perfectly for powerful casting styles.

If you’re a first-timer to shore fishing, this rod is absolutely perfect and will definitely help you to progress to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed using it and, at the price, you certainly won’t find any complaints from me.


RRP: £300-£315

As soon as I removed this three-piece outfit from its protective case, it was apparent just how extremely well made it is. From its ultra-lightweight feel, pleasing-on-the-eye cosmetics and colour-coded livery, you immediately feel its quality.

There are two in the range at 14ft and 15ft, and I went for the 15-footer. Both are equipped with hybrid tips that are designed to be incredibly sensitive for spotting those all-important bites that could be otherwise missed.

Rated to cast loads of 3-6oz, the blank is lined with lightweight alconite guides. These guides are perfect for using with light mono, or even braided mainlines. A genuine Fuji winch reel seat is located and fixed in the up position, making it ideal for using with a large surf fixed-spool reel.

From the first cast, the power in the blank is immediately noticeable. Performing powerful, overhead-style casts, it loads up beautifully and incredibly easy. I certainly didn’t experience any twisting during the cast, unlike many three-piece rods I’ve used in the past that do suffer from this.

I’m not a particularly huge fan of three-piece outfits, but this rod certainly ticks a lot of boxes for me. For a start, it doesn’t fold during casting or when sitting in the tide. Although it’s packed with power, it really is delicate enough for spotting bites – even at long range.

In its class, the price is certainly competitive, and I reckon this rod would definitely be at home in the hands of a match angler.