• Slim blank profile gives a well-balanced, perfect in-hand feel
  • All models 2 piece, except the 9ft 30-65g which is 3 piece
  • Smart, light, durable cosmetics
  • Supplied with Cordura travelling tube
  • Greys worldwide extended warranty

Available as:-

  • 7ft, casts 5-15g
  • 8ft, casts 10-25g
  • 9ft, casts 15-35g
  • 9ft, casts 30-65g
  • 10ft, casts 15-45g



Low profile, well-balanced blanks make this a startlingly good rod in all fishing situations. A medium-fast action encourages challenging approaches. Great casting accuracy allied with the power to control big fish in tight conditions. High quality fittings guarantee durability.