PRICE £69.99

Technical information
Price: £89.99
Sections: Three
Length: 15ft
Guides: Eight quality ceramic
Rod bag: Yes
Reducer: No

This 15ft Leeda Assassin Long Surf beach fishing rod three-piece carbon blank has a hidden secret – it is very powerful.

After securing the sections together and attaching a large fixed-spool reel fully loaded with braid, I clipped on a 5oz sinker. My usual overhead thump saw the sinker fly flatter than normal across the sea, which quickly saw me remove it and add a 6oz version instead.

Five ounces was simply not heavy enough for me to bend the rod, and as the Assassin is rated to cast 4-6oz, I reckoned this would rectify the problem.

The next cast saw the sinker go higher, but actually bending this rod was proving to be difficult.

Each cast went straight and long, but I wanted to get some feeling from the rod. Would I dare attach a heavier sinker? Of course I would – this was after all a test of the rod’s abilities.

This time a 7oz sinker was added and in doing so, I also fitted a fingerstall for my protection. Again I punched the rod skyward in an effort to increase compression. It did bend, but not as much as I thought it would.

It really is stiff, but the pleasing thing for me was the fact that the sinker sailed away out of sight.