PRICE £79.95

11′ Casting 10 to 60gms

The Mk1 has been our best selling sea spinning rod of all time so when we set out to design a Mk11 version we decided that as the rod blank was so good it would be best to leave that well alone. So save from a slight change in colour the action is still as spot on as it was before.

The graphics are all new and we have fitted an improved contoured reel seat for greater comfort whilst holding the rod for long periods (approx rod weight 240gms).

Designed by Mike Ladle and built in the UK by Daiwa it is the perfect rod for sea lure fishing with both plugs and spinners.

When tested by both Sea Angler magazine and Total Sea Fishing it received rave reviews and came out as the No1 sea spinning rod.

Mike was one of the pioneers of modern sea lure fishing and has long extolled the virtues of this style of angling.

Veals have had dealings with Mike since he appeared in our A to Z Bristol Channel Video so when we wanted to design a spinning rod for UK waters who better to ask.

We then approached Daiwa and they agreed to build the rod for us at their Scottish factory and they have built us a cracking 11′ rod to Mike’s demanding specifications.
It is sensitive, powerful and well balanced.

Ideal as an all round bass spinner it will handle just about any UK situation. When field testing the final prototype Mike took Salmon and Sea Trout to over 12lb plus on it’s last trip 30 bass to 6lb.

Tech Spec. 11′ carbon blank, full-length cork handle, screw winch fitting, quality lined rings.