Billed as the ultimate rod for boat anglers, this five-piece is put to the test against congers and bull huss by anglers on AlyKat, skippered by Dave Roberts, out of Minehead

RRP: £143.99

The screw down reel fitting holds the reel securely

This new easy storage or travel rod was taken to sea on my charter boat AlyKat, out of Minehead and put through proper workout against our target species of conger eels and bull huss, says Dave Roberts.

My first impression was very positive. Yet again, Penn has pulled out all the stops to give this blank a modern and attractive livery. Once out of its protective carry case, the five sections fitted well into the sturdy spigot fittings. The high-quality aluminium screw-down reel seat holds a substantial reel firmly in place. The EVA grips are both durable and very comfortable, an important virtue when fishing long, hard days afloat, while the smartly fitted Fuji Alconite guides cover the blank well with thoughtful distancing. Besides the 30/40 model I used, there are 20/30 and 40/50 models.


With fish on from the start, the rod coped well with the head-banging antics of both eels and some hefty bull huss. Being a multi-section model, the moderate to fast action may seem a little stiff to some, but with a 30-40lb rod, in my opinion, this is acceptable.

By the end of our test day, this rod had taken a fair battering with our well-built test angler James Dace doing his best to find weaknesses. Regardless of this intentional treatment, there were no signs of fault in any department, apart from two aching arms.

With the five sections neatly back in the fabric bag and protective carry case, this powerful new addition to the Penn travel boat rod range will become a firm favourite among anglers who target big fish, both in home waters and abroad. I can see it fitting in very well with the Norway and Iceland diehards, and, of course, in the AlyKat rod room.

The overseas travel boat rod packs away nicely copy


Penn Overseas XT Boat 30/40lb-class
Length: 7ft/2.13m
Pack away: 45cm
Sections: Five
Action: Moderate/fast
Guides: Eight Fuji Alconite
Blank: SLS3 carbon
Weight: 440g
RRP: £143.99

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