Designed to take advantage of up-to-the-minute design materials and processes. While offering even more performance and value by careful development, they have evolved to become even lighter and slimmer.

Genuine Fuji rings

Multi-position reel fitting (Not on Ruffstuff)

All come with Penn Line and Leader

b: PE1229 / Rod Model: Guvnor 12ft 6 4-8oz (F/S)
Code: PE1228 / Rod Model: Guvnor Match 12ft 6 4-8oz (Multi)
Code: PE1231 / Rod Model: Ruffstuff 14ft, 4-8oz (Multi)
Code: PE1226M / Rod Model: Seatrek 12ft, 4-6oz 2 tips, 3pc (Multi)
Code: PE1226F/S / Rod Model: Seatrek 12ft 4-6pz, 3pc+1pc (F/S)
Code: PE1330F/S / Rod Model: Pursuit 16ft 5″ 4-8oz (Fixed spool)
Code: PE1330M / Rod Model: Pursuit 16ft 5″ 4-8oz (Multi)
Code: PE1230 / Rod Model: Outasight 13ft 4-8oz (Multi)