PRICE £350.00

This three-piece World Champion Surf II Unlimited carries a hefty price tag of £350, but what you get in return for handing over your hard-earned cash is a lightweight but powerful rod that houses nothing but quality components.

Anglers who are really serious about improving their shore fishing skills and upgrading to the highest level of kit will not be disappointed by this rod.

After my first cast with the rod I was simply stunned and amazed at the sheer power that this Quantum product generates. Hit it hard, time it perfectly and let the speedy acceleration and backbone do the rest.

Be warned though, I recommend that if using a fixed-spool reel (like I was) then you should certainly consider wearing a finger stall for protection. Any high street chemist should sell leather fingerstalls and they don’t cost too much either. I bought a couple and still received change from a fiver.

Thinking that the first cast may have been a one-off, I hit another cast and this time harder. For such a lightweight rod, its power is immense and casting is a dream. I wouldn’t like to comment on what sort of distances I was reaching but if I told you that I have been measured over grass at over 200 yards, and then I reckon these two casts went well beyond that!

Using clipped-down rigs or short multi-hook flappers behind 6oz of lead will, to my mind, land in any distant feeding zone from the beach. In fact, this rod’s casting rating is up to 250g.

The tip is very sensitive and will indicate the tiniest of bites, but it is in the butt and middle section where all the super power is stored.

The colour is a pearl-blue with eye-catching red and black whipping that secures seven low ride Fuji guides.

A Fuji snap-lok reel clamp is fitted on the handle and is superb for keeping a tight grip on a reel.

Without a reel it weighs just 540g, and with a reel attached it feels well balanced. In my opinion it gets top marks for a superb rod, where the price tag fulfils the quality.