A 13ft beachcaster built for bass fishing that’s suitable for fixed-spool or multiplier reels, with nine three-legged stand off lined shock rings whipped in blue on a grey carbon blank. Adjustable screw-up reel seat with the option of reel position at 23in to 29in from the rubber butt cap.

Full Duplon-style handle grips. £99.99. Five models in this range up to £109.99.

Alan Yates says: This £110 bass rod has a really good quality feel to it. The casting action is smooth and powerful. For the angler who likes fishing light it’s a great buy, although I would add as a second rod. It’s not a front line model suitable for winter fishing. The NEXBXSF130M (£104.99) casting 4-8oz is the model for UK winter beach angling, and it’s got the same lively tip action.
One point of interest regarding the fittings is that the more expensive multiplier rods often include an adjustable reel seat, whereas the cheaper rods, especially the fixed-spool models, have a fixed reel seat