PRICE £54.99

WEIGHT: 26oz
BEARINGS: 5+1 bearing drive
RATIO: 4.3:1
SPOOL CAPACITY: 420m of 15lb

Shore anglers who prefer to use fixed-spool reels should take a look at the Wychwood Riot Big Pit 75 model, not only for the super features it has but also the price tag.
It ticks all the right boxes for regular shore work and will even take a bit of stick if you need to pile on some pressure.
If you like to know what is going on inside then you will be pleased to know that it has six bearings, an oversized main shaft for extra power and a micro pitch multi-disc drag system. The gears offer a steady 4.3:1 retrieve.
Bodywork is neat, the clutch easy to operate. A strong aluminium handle has a wood-effect knob.
Two spools are supplied, one graphite and the other aluminium, and both of these will easily swallow 420m of 15lb monofilament line. There are even a couple of brushes at either side to stop the line slipping behind the spool.
This reel will do exactly what you ask of it and perhaps even a little more.

Value for money: A lot of reel at a great price.
Practicality: Super to use even in tough conditions.
Would we buy it? At that price it’s a must-have.