PRICE £359.99

Options… Multi with Fuji BNHG – £359.99F/Spool with Fuji BNHG – £359.99

Multi with Zircons – £369.99F/Spool with Zircons – £369.99Multi with Fuji Alconites – £374.99F/Spool with Alconites – £374.99

Zziplex Dymic HST 13 ft 2The Dymic HST (high speed tournament ) is a real powerhouse.
Has been cast over 300 yds many times on the field, just proving the potential of this immensely powerful rod.

7ft6 Tip and unique 6 Fulcrom butt.
Also suitable to heavy beach/rough ground rock work.
This rod will pull your arms out and beat you with the soggy bit – it is a powerhouse!

At Gerry’s we have extensive rod building facilities .We have built rods for many years to a high specification.

We use the best high build polymer finish on all rings.

We also put on all our custom built Zziplex rods Fuji bnhg rings as standard (with shock centres remember rods do fall off rests!).

We can put Zircons on if you would like.

All our rods are double whipped and edged unless you state other wise.

All with shrink tube, reel fittings either coasters or new style movable grips, and a quality rod bag.