PRICE £349.99

Options… Multi with Fuji BNHG – £349.99 F/Spool with Fuji BNHG – £349.99 Multi with Zircons – £359.99 F/Spool with Zircons – £359.99 Multi with Fuji Alconites – £364.99 F/Spool with Alconites – £364.99

Zziplex M4 13ft 6
This is another new one from Zziplex, said to be the Big Brother of the Profile. It holds the same Characteristics such as the slim diameter butt loaded with power and has a fast tip recovery. A fantastic rod for mixed ground and light rock work. Could also be used on the field due to its hidden power.
equal section of 6ft 9″, and a casting weight of 4-8oz