Options… Multi with Fuji BNHG – £299.99 F/Spool with Fuji BNHG – £299.99 Multi with Zircons – £309.99 F/Spool with Zircons – £309.99 Multi with Fuji Alconites – £314.99 F/Spool with Alconites – £314.99

Zziplex V- Max F1 13ft
V Max F1 trhis is the tournament version of the Vmax range. Its a powerfull rough ground rod .Capable of casting over 250 yds in the right hands. Available in a up the butt casting version or down the butt multiplier or Fixed spool The down the butt version comes with a fixed in reducer and a fuji trigger grip reel seat

At Gerry’s we have extensive rod building facilities, and for years have built rods to a high specification, with high build polymer finish on all rings, so don’t just buy from anyone! Let Gerry’s custom build to the whipping colour of your choice(with advice) rings either Green centered Fuji BNHGs with shock centres(remember rods do fall off rests! Or Smoke Grey Silicone Zircons, with smooth low resistance finish to ring centres.

All our rods are double whipped, unless you want different? All with shrink tube, reel fittings either coasters or new style movable grips, and a quality rod bag.


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