Looking for a new boat rod for general mixed fishing in the 20lb range? Look no further. We’ve selected five of the best and most popular models on the market which combine quality and performance, without breaking the bank

Penn regiment boat rod

PENN Regiment III (20lb)

The Regiment III is constructed of a solid carbon core cross wrapped with layers of high-quality carbon. This technology makes the regiment range extremely durable, slimmer and less clumsy than its predecessor. With high quality braid guides the Regiment III is an all-round workhorse of a rod that will take a little abuse and be a trusted to perform when it’s needed.

RRP £79.99

Penn regiment boat rod

Shimano Beastmaster BX (12-20LB)

The strength of the blank has been improved in the latest iteration of the legendary Beastmaster range. Constructed of high-quality carbon the BX is also able to be very slim for its size compared to other rods in the same category, giving it a more modern and lighter feel. The 7ft 6in two-piece blanks are available in three line classes, all of which combine a strong butt section which blends into a sensitive tip. The guides are stainless steel and suitable for braided line for ultimate sensitivity.

RRP £99.99

Shakespeare uglystick boat rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite (12lb-20lb)

Ugly Stik Elite rods place themselves above the extremely popular and successful Ugly Stik GX2 rods in price point. The Elite is perfectly balanced with a two-piece long-tip, short-butt design and constructed using light weight, slim blanks with refined actions and top spec components. justifying the higher price. Shakespeare has matched its famous Ugly Tech blank construction with the new Saltwater Resistant Ugly Tuff stainless steel guides making the Elite even more durable than its predecessor models. What’s more the rod comes with the Ugly Stik seven-year warranty.


Akios Vetron boat rod

Akios Vertron Super Sport 15-25lb 

The Vertron Super Sport is a slim, lightweight, powerful 7ft 9in boat rod constructed from a high modulus nano-carbon blank, which gives a smooth and immensely sporting progressive action with impressive power reserves in the butt end to provide power when you need it. The rod is dressed with 10 quality SeaGuide guides, suitable for both mono and braid. The hi-viz rolled glass tip is super sensitive for great bite detection and blends superbly into the power bands (Akios’ own Power Band System) of the carbon blank.

RRP £129.99

Daiwa kenzaki boat rod

Daiwa Super Kenzaki 15lb-25lb

The Super Kenzaki is the most expensive rod in the selection, but in the 20 or so years that the Kenzaki range has been around it has evolved and gained a reputation for quality, performance and great value for money. The new range now features eight rods from 6lb-12lb all the way up to an 80lb version. This ‘down tide’ line-up offers two length options of 7ft across four line classes and longer 8ft editions in two lighter classes.

The 12lb-20lb two-piece version is 7ft and is ideal for general mixed fishing. The high-quality, slim carbon blank and components are designed for performance, so treat it with care.

RRP £180