Vass is a company that needs little introduction. They have been experts in textiles and footwear since the 1950s and made their foray into the sea angling market back in 2009. They recognised that there was an opportunity to significantly improve upon the existing waders in the sea and freshwater angling. I began using their gear back in 2017 and have yet to look back. As you know, I stick with things that I trust and which continue to perform. 

The company understood that in sea angling, we needed more durable, high-performance materials that could cope with the rigours and extremities that sea fishing provides. It’s all very well picking up a fly rod for six weeks each summer and enjoying nature’s best sunny weather, but sea anglers fish all four seasons and brave the worst of the elements. Whether that’s winter bass fishing in colder seas on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, clambering over rocks, angling in the muddy Bristol Channel over low tide all year round or dealing with the splashy challenges of England’s wild South Coast. Vass spotted a niche and met that demand. Ever since, they have been a first choice for anglers from Shetland to Penzance. 

Attention to detail

The new Hybrid Vass 700 Dark Camo Waders are made to withstand the cold of sea temperatures, protect you from seasonal bad weather, and they really look phenomenal. Having used plenty of waders in my time, many insist on you buying separate boots. One of the existing problems amongst competitors was that the boots were not comfortable, and they fell apart in no time at all. What Vass has done is produce an integrated moulded shoe that is extremely comfortable when treading on rough, rocky ground. 

They also had the ingenuity to produce waders that came with fitted tungsten studs that could cope with the most challenging circumstances. Many brands will advise studs for rocky ground, but what Vass has done so well is fitting them as standard (although a non-studded version is available too), engineering them in a way that they cannot tear free from the sole of the boot. That way, you can encounter rocky ground with absolute confidence that your waders will hold up whilst keeping traction. Many of us anglers choose to fish from rocky terrain, where the possibility of slipping or sliding is significant; it’s imperative that you have footwear that you can trust and that will keep you stable whilst seeking new PB fish. The thickness of the sole, solid construction and cushioned feel really give Vass the edge over other options that I have experienced. In my opinion, they have really listened to anglers and innovated in the way of design. 

In terms of aesthetics, Vass waders always look distinctive. We are very used to seeing them in carp and sea angling. They so quickly rose to prominence in both domains, not because they advertised heavily or followed a well-trodden path. They were just prepared to take their own route and break conventions regarding materials and design. Sea angling is a challenging arena, and materials/construction needs to be of the highest standard if they are to survive the corrosive effects of saltwater and the demanding nature of our sport. 


What you should know about the design of the Vass Hybrid 700 Dark Camo Waders is that they have a new ‘Vass Reduced Light Reflection’ anti-reflective finish, allowing you to maintain a more stealthy appearance in and around the sea. The Vass-tex 700 lower material offers tremendous durability, and the 350 upper is a very lightweight, flexible material, which allows comfort and great freedom of movement. The waders also include a zipped exterior pocket and an unzipped interior pocket if you need to carry a few essentials. The well-built waders also have reassuring Vass quad welded seams. Should you damage the resilient material, it is very easy to repair (please get in touch with Vass’s UK-based customer service for guidance). I really like the quick-release straps. They are a nice addition that makes life a little easier for the average angler to get them on and off. 

You can spend hundreds on waders; the value for money Vass waders give us is excellent, as is the performance. It’s a British brand that is constantly striving to improve, even though they are already at the pinnacle. We deal with many faceless corporations in our daily lives; today, it’s refreshing to support a family-run business that is listening to its customers and constantly innovating. The Vass Hybrid 700 dark camo waders get a big tick from me. They are excellent in terms of performance. My tip is to pick up the Vass warm neoprene wader liners: they add to the comfort and experience, particularly in winter. 


  • Lightweight Vass-Tex 350 upper in Dark Camouflage with VRLR Stealth finish
  • Tough Vass-Tex 700 lower with VRLR Stealth finish
  • External zipped chest pocket
  • Internal chest pocket
  • Internal chest drawcord with adjustment toggles
  • Tough & grippy ‘Vass E Boot’
  • Vass quad-welded seams
  • Vass quick release buckles & Vass Dark Camo elasticated straps
  • Non-studded and studded sole options available
  • RRP: £159.98 | RRP: £169.98 (studded soles)