PRICE £107.99

Weight: 370g
Gear ratio: 5.3:1
Spool capacity: 200m x 20lb
No of bearings: Three
Spare spool: No

I won this Abu reel in a match, and they don’t call it a Rocket for nothing.
It does not have any magnets for speed control and the free-spinning spool is slowed only by its centrifugal braking system.

Push this reel at your peril because blow-ups can and will happen if you run this reel on the edge.
Get it right though and it will amaze you with the distance it can punch your bait.
On my first outing with it I landed five cod up to 11lb when others around me couldn’t reach them, and it coped superbly.

Paul’s verdict

The open-top CT cage enables you to wrap your thumb around it, but a ‘thumby’ is a good idea in wet conditions for extra grip.