PRICE £128.99

Lure anglers who prefer to use fixed-spool reels loaded with braid will find this reel special.

This reel carries a Superline spool system so there’s no need to wrap tape or put a backing on the spool before loading your braided line. It will easily swallow between 185-300 metres depending on model size. The comfortable, strong handle powers a smooth retrieve up to 5.1:1.

Weighing 289g, the strength has been cranked up and with 11 HPCR bearings, Duragear gears and a sealed carbon matrix drag system, you can expect the alloy body and body cover to give you 100 per cent performance every time you use it.


Value for money: Heaps of features come with this reel.
Practicality: A strong reel with plenty in reserve.
Would we buy it? Lure anglers will love it.