Here’s a reel for casting enthusiasts, being ideal for clean beach fishing and thrashing lead weights down the field

Another day, another little CT multiplier to play with. The Akios Shuttle 656 STR Kuro this time, all shiny and black, set off with bits of chrome and gold. I lob out a couple of times to wet the line, then wind up a proper cast.

For the keen caster, who is happy to work around the limited fishing ability of any 6500CT-type multiplier in return for effortless distance and easy control, the Akios Shuttle 656 STR Kuro deserves to be on anyone’s shortlist. The performance is excellent by any standards.

Build quality seems to be up there with reels of twice the price. Even for a field caster seriously intent on breaking into the tournament ranks, at £200 it is a far better investment than tarting up a lesser reel with custom parts.

This reel offers me the perfect combination of clean beach fishing and thrashing leads down the field. Well done, Akios!