It’s amazing the direction that sea angling often wanders, especially when it comes to tackle. There was a time when using a multiplier reel was the coolest thing and thoroughly acceptable.

Using a fixed-spool outfit, however, was for lesser mortals, and anyone who did attach one to a rod, endured behind-the-back sniggers from other anglers.

Nowadays, though, the easy-to-use fixed spool has been reborn and is now the heralded superstar when it comes to choosing a reel. Multipliers, the former stars-of-the-show, which gave anglers heaps of respect and unprecedented kudos over the years, now appear to have been banished to the darkest corner of the tackle shop.


Magsealed body construction

Hardbodyz reel body

Six ball-bearings

Air rotor

ATD drag system

Digigear II

Infinite anti-reverse

Twist Buster II line roller

ABS II aluminium spool

Aluminium handle

From 4500 – manual bale return

Desirable outfit

The Daiwa BG Mag Sealed fixed spool is one of those reels that makes you feel glad you attached it to your rod, especially when a heavyweight fish grabs your bait. As well as having the guts and capability to put in overtime during a brutal battle, its 21st Century design, looks and technology is what makes this one desirable outfit.

Built around a durable aluminium body, it offers maximum retrieving power. While if it’s silky-smooth running you crave, the Mag Sealed technology has got it all taken care of.

There’s also no need to be concerned about the lifespan of this gem, because the main internals are fully protected by a magnetic oil barrier that shuts out any salt and grit.

Top features include optimum power transmission that is enabled by Digigear II. An ABS II aluminium spool means those of you who prefer to use braided mainlines, have absolutely nothing to worry about. There’s even a rubber ring situated in the centre of the spool that prevents braid from slipping, particularly when under a heavy load.

All of the BG Mag Sealed fixed-spool reels are coated by a special ‘no paint’ surface. This means there is definitely no threat of chipping paint flakes, especially if it’s permanently in use.

Finally, the handle is totally dependable and firmly screwed into the reel’s body. Perfectly secured, it’s ultimately reliable and won’t let you down when the load is heavy.

Interested? Then take your pick from a range of Daiwa BG Mag Sealed outfits starting at a 2500 model, and going up to an 8000.

Prices start at £159.

For more information or to locate your nearest Daiwa stockist, visit the website: