‘Faster, smoother and further’… simple really! Utilising the familiar profile and frame construction of the original 7HT the same ‘open-frame’ access is maintained.

What has been enhanced to an amazing level is the freedom of the spool rotation achieved through the innovative Free-Floating spool system. Unlike other reels, where the pinion gear constantly rides the spool shaft, Daiwa’s unique system floats the spool independently on precision, stainless steel bearings.

Because the pinion rides on its own separate shaft, the spool spins freely, unhampered by gear train friction. Assisting this spool speed even further are five bearings including four CRBB’s. The result is an extended level of rotation and improved ease of distance. Sporting a bold colour scheme of red and gold the Turbo will certainly live up to its racy appearance.

CRBB-Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings-Daiwa’s unique bearing system, resists corrosion and wear. Totally encased with lubricant. These bearings are free running and longer lasting.

• Free-floating spool system
• Five bearings including four CRBB’s
• Rigid one-piece duraluminium frame
• Daiwa five-point support system and low-frame crossbars
• Aluminium/bronze gears with centrifugal anti-backlash control
• Mechanical brake system with two sizes of blocks provided
• Lightweight anodized aluminium spool
• Smooth and powerful star drag
• Power handle with rubber knobs