FRAME: Strong, composite and lightweight
WEIGHT: 17.1oz
LINE CAPACITY: 270m of 20lb mono
BEARINGS: Three crbb
WARRANTY: One year from date of purchase
OIL: Supplied

Affectionately known among anglers as a ‘SLOSH’, this reel is well used by rough ground anglers everywhere. It’s renowned for its power, speed and casting capabilities and seems to have stood the test of time.
The composite frame and side plates keep the reel lightweight and well balanced.
It has a free-floating spool that detaches from the gears when it will spin on its own shaft and bearings, meaning it can free-run.
A short, tough handle with a huge knob gives it incredible cranking power, and the clutch is easy to operate when needed.
A manual gear lever is used to knock it in and out of gear.
The racy 6.1:1 retrieve helps to get your catch to your feet and keep your end tackle clear of snags, and with the gold trimmings it looks classy, too.