PRICE £139.99

Three years intensive research and development have resulted in the creation of a new concept reel using Greys’ own design tooling. The Greys G-Mag multiplier has been created as a reel that will not be caught short in the toughness or distance stakes. With its chrome plated aluminium cage, separate stainless steel reel foot and low profile spool it is built to perform…superbly.

Proven in testing, the reel was able to take a full 19lbs of drag! And of course it is no slouch in the casting stakes either, with both a centrifugal and magnetic braking system to give total control, and distances over 200 m have been achieved with the prototype reels.

Designed first and foremost as a fishing reel that can cast great distances, the main gears are marine bronze with a fully supported stainless steel pinion gear to give a flawless retrieve platform.

A stainless steel shaft across the reel offers the perfect platform for a carefully engineered aluminium spool supported by top quality bearings and a rugged bronze bush.

To deliver maximum power and control on the retrieve ear ratio has been deliberately worked to the proven ratio of 5:1, driven by an ergonomic, polished, stainless steel power handle.

The facility to access the spool has specially been integrated into this reel as a way to simply access the spool for cleaning, line clearance etc with a simple yet robust system.

Available in two sizes, the G-Mag 6 holds 330m (360 yards) of 0.35mm mono. While the G-Mag 7 holds 270m (295yards) of 0.40mm mono.