PRICE £149.99

The new Greys G-Mag Seven sea fishing multiplier reel is a heavy-duty reel said to cast up to 200 yards that can be used for tough shore fishing or taken afloat.

The main gears are marine bronze with a fully supported stainless steel pinion gear to give it strength and cranking power.

During a recent test the reel drag was wound down to take 19lb of pressure, which is significantly better than most other reels in its class.

A unique feature is the easy side plate removal by way of a push-button. Simply by pushing this button and twisting you can expose the spool for maintenance purposes or even changing to a different spool of line.

The spool holds more than enough line for almost any situation, with 330m of 0.35mm mainline easily loaded.

A smaller version named G-Mag Six is also available.

Available through Greys dealers, tel: 01665 602771 or visit

Gear ratio: 5:1

Line capacity: 330m-0.35mm

Warranty: Yes

Servicing: Yes

Spares: Yes

Score sheet
Value for money: Not bad for a tough performer.
Practicality: Top marks for boat and shore.
Would we buy it? Built to last so worth a look.