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Jane Hyde
Jane Hyde

Two great models from Maxel for boat anglers with a passion for jigging

With various forms of jigging growing in popularity among boat anglers, there is an increasing number of compact size reels available.

Maxel’s range – anything from the heaviest offshore trolling reels to the lightest jigging models – is known for user-friendly designs, solid construction, powerful and smooth drags and eye-catching colours. These include the latest upgraded Hybrid 20C and its left-hand version, the 20CL, along with the Rage 20H and HL and 25H and HL.

Hybrid 20C

RRP from £259.99

The Hybrid is a true multi-task, star-drag reel for jigging and bottom fishing. Small, light and powerful, it has a 6.0:1 gear ratio and 13kg drag. Spool capacity is 300 metres of PE2 braid.

A neat touch is the positive thumb bar free spool with automatic re-engagement in less than a quarter of a turn. This model has a strong and lightweight handle with sure-grip knob. It sits low on the rod thanks to a strong, recessed stainless steel reel foot.

Other features include Magnetic Cast Assist, a cold-forged aluminium spool, one-piece tempered aluminium frame, a powerful carbon drag delivering a wide range and smooth performance even when wet, along with seven shielded stainless steel ball bearings. The reel is available in five colours – black/light grey, light grey/black, gold/dark grey, titan/dark grey and pink/light grey. The CL is the left-hand version.

MAXEL RAGE 20 and 25H/HL
RRP: from £309.99 to £339.99

Rage 20H

A new generation of specialist lever-drag reels for light jigging and slow pitch jigging, the Rage comes in two sizes, 20 and 25. Compact, lightweight and smooth, this model has a single drag system and a high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio. The HL is the left-hand version.

The drag is 5.5kg on the Rage 20 and 7.6kg on the 25. Capacity is 300 metres of PE2 braid on the R20 and 400 metres on the R25.

Featuring a heavy-duty anodised finish, the Rage has a one-piece aluminium frame, cold-forged aluminium spool, extended handle with an aluminium ball knob, and stainless steel gears. The lever-drag features the new Gradual Drag Cam, and again offers smooth drag performance even when wet.

The reel foot is now fixed with four screws instead of two for more security, while the drag lever has been redesigned to produce a clicking sound. The four colours are black/light gold, black/purple, black/light grey, and light grey/light gold.


Available exclusively in the UK from Jigabite, the UK specialists in jigging and popping equipment.

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