PRICE £165.00

Weight: 17oz
Gear ratio: 6:1
Spool capacity: 300m x 0.35mm
No of bearings: Seven
Spare spool: No

Paul Fenech says:

This model is my best friend in any angling situation, so I’ve got six of them. Six may seem extreme but three pairs have different mono line on the spool.
Being a match angler means I have to be ready for anything, and that includes drawing a peg where there could be rough ground or weed in front of me. This reel gives me confidence to bang three baits out and then be able to give it a bit of stick on the retrieve.
The 525 Mag enables me to drag the fish out quickly with the fast retrieve and then promptly get my bait back into the water. The mag setting is great too when the wind swings into your face.
It’s easy to maintain, and I always add a single drop of oil on the bearings after every session. This keeps the reel in tip-top shape and ready for the next outing to the coast.

Paul’s verdict

I wouldn’t ever go fishing without my 525s. In a match, all of them will come, but if I’m freelancing then I’ll always have a couple in my box. They’re superb for pulling treble-shots of fish out of the surf.

Mel Russ says:

This is the brute in my bag. When the seas are rough, the wind boxing the compass and I have to get big baits into the water, this is the reel I use. I really like the low profile spool and cage, which means I can get my hand right over it if I want. This is due to clever design of the gearbox, which is slung outside and below much of the side-plate.
The 525 is faster than all my other reels, boasting an impressive 6:1 retrieve – great for getting tackle and fish back double-quick.
The graphite cage is bullet proof and I don’t wince when my rod and reel gets blown out of its stand and crashes to the deck.

Mel’s verdict

When the weather is rough or the ground tough this is the one I always go for. The retrieve speed is awesome.