PRICE £115.00

This is the latest version of the popular “Mag525” and is designed to allow you to achive the ultimate level of custom tuned performance.

The reel as it stands is based on the proven Mag with it’s 6:1 retrieve, capacity of 275 yds 15lb mono, 4 high performance magnets and standard spool bearings.

Where the XTRA differs from the original Mag525 is that it comes with a custom tuning kit comprising 2 x ABEC5 spool bearings and 2 x extra magnets.

This gives you a choice of at least four levels of tune

1 – Maximum Control – Fit both magnets and keep the existing bearings to give you a slower running reel.

2 – Supermag Control – Fit both magnets and change both bearings to the ABEC5 ones and you have the same set up as the old Supermag

3 – Standard Control – Leave the reel as it is for the performance of the original Mag525

4 – Maximum Performance – Fit both ABEC5 bearings and no extra magnets for a faster running spool with standard braking (This gives the top casting potential but is recomened for experenced casters only).

You can of course make slight variations on this by just fitting one of the magnets and using different oils but we would advice only using the bearings in the pairs as supplied.