PRICE £200.00

The Penn 525Mag changed the face of the multiplier reel on the beach when it was launched. There was something about it that caught the anglers attention, and held it.

A powerful 6 to 1 retrieve, huge main and pinion gears, drags that really worked and the grunt to wind in smoothly, even with a fish kicking and screaming on the other end. Both pinion gear and spindle are supported by bearings so when the pressure is on the drive train remains in perfect alignment. Plus of course the extra capacity.

All in all pretty much what everyone was waiting for.

There was pretty much an even split on those who thought it a little fast and the
other camp who said it was just right. But to show we listened we brought out the
SuperMag with two extra magnets to give the ‘too fast’ vote increased braking.
Well, now we have two new reels.

The first is not strictly speaking new, more an old favourite, but again, we have been listening to you the angler and we think we have covered a lot of bases here.

The original four magnet 525 has been re-launched, but with more than a little extra. Included in the box are two extra magnets with easy to follow installation instructions telling you exactly where and how to position them on the mag carrier.

So, should you feel need for some additional spool braking it is there waiting for you. In addition, we have also included a pair of ABEC 5 spool bearings. Some will call it a DIY SuperMag, we call it the 525Mag Xtra and now the choice is yours.

The 525 SuperMag Xtra on the other hand is a little more radical. This has a completely new mag set up with even more variable braking.

Based on experience gained by Neil in the US facility experimenting with numerous magnet configurations while working with their engineers.

The mag control system is completely replaced by a brand new, purpose
designed and built in the UK endplate that retains the clicker.

The new sideplate sports a low ratchet wheel to operate a non rising stem attached to a new multiple magnet carrier offering an increased range of travel.

To make sure things stay smooth running, we have replaced the standard spool bearings with ABEC 5 Ceramic hybrid bearings with metal races (many ceramics hybrids use a nylon race which dissolves after prolonged soaking in petrol). So as you can see, not only are we listening, we are reacting positively!