PRICE £48.80

This super little reel is ideal for lure fishing or flicking a plug in search of bass, but you can also use it for light inshore estuary work for species such as flounders or eels.
The slim, rigid and lightweight body is strong and will not distort. Five stainless steel ball bearings give it a smooth 6.2:1 retrieve with a sealed, smooth micro-drag system.
The line lay is superb on a spool that has a capacity of 195yd of 10lb line or even more if using braid. This reel, specially imported from the USA, is only available from Veals Mail Order.

Value for money: An imported reel at this price is cracking value.
Practicality: It’s the business for lure or light inshore work.
Would we buy it? I may have to have one of these, it’s a gem.