Rovex Altus LW30

Multiplier reel designed for boat fishing
Capable of holding 425m of 30lb line
4.2:1 retrieve ratio

AlyKat regular, Andy Bickle attached Rovex’s Altus LW30, which sells for £89.99, to his 30-50lb rod.

“I purposely gave this reel a bit of stick by attaching a 2lb lead weight in a fairly strong tide and the reel had no problems retrieving sinker and fish through 60ft of water.

“The high retrieve ratio proved invaluable for quick bait changes, though with plenty of weight on I found the clutch tended to slip more than I would have expected.

“The large handle is great, as I have hands like shovels. So often manufacturers produce reels with tiny handles, which aren’t a lot of use to me.

“I liked the level-wind system, which was smooth and fed the line evenly across the spool. Though this sounds obvious, some reels tend to bunch the line up to one side for some reason.

“The two stainless steel bearings system certainly makes the reel smooth and the graphite frame makes it lightweight. Overall, this is a durable, powerful multiplier that’s ideal for fairly heavy offshore work.