PRICE £49.99

This is a big fixed-spool packed with features, yet it doesn’t cost a lot of cash. A bit of a heavyweight at 26oz but robust with handy to have touches like big coned spool, which holds 230 yards of 20lb line, one touch handle with big comfortable handle and free spool facility controlled by its own rear clutch. A reel that teams well with the longer 14/15ft continental style rods used with lighter lines. Besides bottom fishing, the reel could also be used for heavy float fishing and some might even like to use it from a boat. The reels credentials include graphite body, four ball bearings, stainless steel long shaft, balanced rotor and Titanium coated anti-twist roller with ball bearing on the bale arm. Gearing is a medium paced 4.5:1 and there’s no spare spool.