PRICE £164.99

The new lower priced and highly popular TLD 15 is spot-on for mid-Channel pollack, light line bass and conventional “up and down” fishing. Consultant Dave Lewis has landed 100lbplus (45kg-plus) Namibian sharks on his!

The TLD 20 suits medium weight pirking, blue sharks and deep water where its fast retrieve and wide diameter spool are appreciated. (Special reel case available – see link below.)

An outstanding reel capable of handling any European fish, the TLD 25 fits the bill for pirking, conger, skate, sharks and overseas sorties.


Gear ratio – 4.0:1

Line cap. – 300yds/30lb


Gear ratio – 3.6:1

Line cap. – 450yds/30lb


Gear ratio – 3.6:1

Line cap. – 600yds/30l