PRICE £169.99

Similar in specification to the flagship Trinidad range, Shimano Torium reels are designed to offer the same high standards of engineering at more economical price.

However, the Torium 16, 20 and 30 are not fitted with centrifugal brakes, and subsequently are more suited to fishing afloat rather than casting from the beach.

The super fast 6.2:1 retrieve, powerful clutch and smooth operation makes the Torium the perfect choice when fishing either baits or lures in very deep water, and when using either braid or monofi lament lines.


• Diecast Aluminium Body • Stainless Steel Gear • Star Drag System
• Cold Forged Aluminium Spool • Super Stopper • Clicker System
• Single Steel Power Handle
• Single Steel Power Handle

TOR14 445gms 6.2:1 16lb/270yds 3 + 1 Roller bearing 91cm
TOR16 635gms 6.2:1 16lb/450yds 3 + 1 Roller bearing 117cm
TOR20 645gms 6.2:1 20lb/420yds 3 + 1 Roller bearing 117cm