PRICE £169.99

FRAME: Aluminium body
WEIGHT: 645g
LINE CAPACITY: 420yd of 20lb mono
BEARINGS: Three A-RB + one roller
WARRANTY: One year from date of purchase
OIL: Supplied

If you’re familiar with Shimano’s range of Trinidad reels then you’ll begin to appreciate that its stable mate, the Torium, is an equally superb bit of kit.
Specifically, it’s best suited to fishing afloat (it doesn’t have centrifugal brakes) and doesn’t cast as well as many of the other shore reels. It is, however, ideal for lobbing baits into very rough terrain.
It’s built to drag almost anything up from deep water, and with its fast 6.2:1 retrieve you’re almost guaranteed to not lose connection with any fish.
If you need to pile on the pressure, this reel will take whatever you hit it with. The handle is short, but built for strength and winching power, and if a fish decides to run for cover this reel will help you guide it back into open water.
The manual gear lever and super-smooth clutch are other features I particularly like.