The south side sees most of the angling because this is the side where the pier can be accessed.

Mullet are caught in the area around the bottom of the High Street and in the old yacht marina at the base of the pier. Hot spots are in front of Asda, the pool at the college and the old marina.

The area in front of the quayside flats is where eels, flounder and coalfish are taken. Night tides best for eels.

The pier is probably the best spot with the end best for mackerel and coalfish, which can be taken on a variety of methods from feathers, spinners to float fishing mackerel strip.

Avoid fishing the harbour and pier after a heavy rainfall. Casting to the left of the pier with worms will take flatfish and coalfish. For conger eels, try the left side and bottom of the pier. Best tactic is to drop a mackerel bait down the wall at night. June onwards is best with the winter dead after Christmas.


You can expect to catch flounder, dab, coalfish, gurnard, dogfish, plaice, cod, common eels, conger eels, mullet, rockling and mackerel.


Best bait for mullet is bread. Other baits are ragworms, lugworms, peeler crabs, sandeels and mackerel.


Light beachcasters, bass rods and spinning rods can be used at this venue as you are fishing onto sand or mud.

Most multipliers and fixed-spool reels will be suitable. Load the reel with 6lb-15lb mainline and add a shockleader.

Terminal tackle should be two or three-hook paternosters made up with size 4 to 1/0 hooks; Kamasan B940 or 950U, Mustad Aberdeens are all so suitable.

A good tip for this area is to add some coloured and luminous beads to your traces for flatfish.

Tackle for mullet should be light and simple, such as fluorocarbon hooklength and a size 8 or 10 hook.

When float fishing, it is best to use coarse-type floats because sea versions tend to be too heavy.

As with all harbour fishing, it’s a good idea to take an extending net or drop net.


From Glasgow, take the A77 south to Ayr. At the Whitlett’s roundabout, head into the town past the racecourse passing straight through all the traffic lights until the final set where the nightclub will be opposite.

Turn left here and cross the river, then travel up the Sandgate to the mini-roundabout where you then head back down towards the harbour on the last exit.

At the bottom of the hill you should turn left and this is the south side of the harbour. Parking in some areas is free or by voucher system.


The Big Reel, Tams Brig, Ayr, tel: 01292 290011.

Gamesport, 60 Sandgate, Ayr, tel : 01292 263822.