This is one of the leading areas for big cod in the entire South-West. The action begins in mid-November peaking in January and February. The colder it is, the better the fishing. Capstone is a rocky area below Ilfracombe’s Lantern Hill and offers easy access to the waterline from a designated path. Only fish here during the flood tide because the back run is too strong to keep terminal gear on the bottom. Capstone faces due north and strong winds can bring up a heavy sea.


Cod, codling, whiting, coalfish and occasional bull huss.


Lugworms, crabs, razorfish, squid and cuttlefish. A small live pouting is a tempting target for a specimen cod.


The ground is hazardous and a strong terminal rig is vital. A two-hook pulley, two or three-snood paternoster or a straight running leger will usually prove successful. Hook size depends on whether you are specimen-hunting or simply seeking a bag of fish. A stiff beachcaster and multiplier reel without a level-wind facility is the right setup.


The mark is virtually in Ilfracombe, which is reached by either the A399 or A361. There is easy parking during the winter months.


Variety Sports,. 23 Broad Street, Ilfracombe, tel: 01271 862039.
Ordnance Survey: Landranger No 180 (Barnstaple & Ilfracombe) ISBN 0319 227804.