Dunwich beach comprises a fairly steep sand and shingle beach with a reasonable depth of water at high tide. It offers great all year round sea beach fishing.

There are sandbanks and gullies parallel to the shore and a surf appears at low water during rough spells, which is helpful for locating gullies.

Often considered an ebb tide beach, both half tide to the top or bottom are worth trying. The fish can be close at high tide, but the ebb often responds to distance casting.

The sea comes up to the base of these cliffs on spring high tides.


Cod from October to April. Whiting in September and October. Bass from May to November, especially if rough. Dabs from September to January, soles from June to October and a few Plaice in April.


A summer evening high tide and clear water is good for lure fi shing for bass. A legered whole squid can produce bigger fi sh, but peeler crabs and ragworms are good.

Rag or lug catches soles. Lug, fi sh or squid cocktails take the bigger whiting, while lug or lug and squid is good for codling.


A 150g sinker is usually enough. Fish can show at all distances, but long casting can be needed for cod. Use a standard beach rod with a fixed-spool reel or small multiplier, 15lb line and a 50lb leader. Flappers or clipped rigs can be used, depending on how far you need to cast.

Bass and soles can be very close so there is scope to scale down in calm conditions.


Dunwich is well signposted from the main A12 between Blythburgh and Yoxford. From Blythburgh take the B1125 and turn left at the second crossroad. Follow this road through the woods to Dunwich village where the road ends at a large car park behind the beach. There is a good café at the car park.