Eype is an interesting sea fishing mark on Dorset’s western fringe, which offers a good variety of species from May through to the end of the year.

The section in front of the access point offers fairly clean ground, but as you go west the ground becomes increasingly snaggy with some tackle losses expected.

Best action is reserved for a night flood tide, especially just after a blow but during the summer some species, such as mackerel and wrasse, will be in bright, clear daylight conditions.


Rays start to figure during May, followed by some very good bass from June onwards. During the summer expect wrasse, mackerel, scad and silver eels, but as autumn approaches the venue becomes alive with dogfish, bass, bull huss, big pouting, silver eels and some decent conger eels.


Worm baits will pick up smaller species, such as eels, pouting and wrasse, but switch to peeler crabs for the bigger wrasse. This is a big fish venue with both large mackerel and squid baits picking up the better predators. Use a fairly robust rod and reel.

A rotten-bottom system is also advisable, especially towards the western end of the beach. Large freelined baits fished in the gutter under the cover of darkness can prove deadly for the bigger bass, but keep light and noise to a minimum.

Stick to a one or two-hook trace, even for the smaller species because more hooks mean more snags. During the summer you can feather for mackerel or float fish for garfish and pollack.

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Directions : Follow the A35 Bridport bypass west for half a mile. At the top of the fi rst long hill take a left into a service area and then follow a minor road for a mile to Eype. There is a small cliff top car park; during the winter months.
Season : Rays from May, bass from June, summer for wrasse, mackerel, scad, silver eels, autumn for dogfish, bass, bull huss, big pouting, silver eels and conger