Fenit pier is one of the fi nest piers in Ireland and stretches out into Tralee Bay. It is situated almost nine miles west of Tralee.

The pier is over one kilometre long and provides shelter to the local fishing boats and yacht marina. It is a popular venue and fishes well all year.

Main angling hot spot is the viaduct and you can fish both sides depending on the flood or ebb tides. Depth of water is about 20 feet. Some of the best results are in darkness.


Main species are dogfish, various rays, bass, whiting and small pollack. Conger eels can be taken near the rocks on the seaward end of the viaduct at night and mullet are plentiful on the inside of the pier near the trawler berth.

Garfish and mackerel are taken in the summer. Common skate and monkfish have been caught in the past.


Standard beachcasting gear will suffice using 15lb mainline and a 50lb shockleader. You should use a drop-net on the viaduct or use an extra-long leader to lift the fish up to the pier.

Try a three-hook paternoster or a combination of two-up and one-down and you may require a grip lead. Hook sizes range from size 2 to 3/0. A light spinning rod and reel will provide excellent sport for the mullet.


The popular baits are sandeels, mackerel and peeler crabs. Other productive baits are squid, razorfish and lugworms. Tiny pieces of bread and fish are essential for mullet.


Take the Feint road from Tralee and drive to Fenit village. The main road runs through the village onto the pier. Access and parking is excellent on the viaduct on the right-hand side, but keep a watchful eye on local traffic.


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