The historic Welsh fishing location of Goldcliff, in Newport, gets its name from the limestone cliff which rises over a bed of yellow mica at shore level and has a glittering appearance in the sunshine, especially to boats in the Bristol Channel.

Anglers fishing this mark have two locations to choose from depending on the tides.
On the larger tides, you can fish over high tide from the sea wall.

On a smaller tide, anglers can venture out on to the mud and peat beds in front of the wall.

It’s the latter which seems to be the most productive, but always remember safety and have the correct times of tides to avoid a steady flooding tide swamping you.

Eels, flounders, thornback rays, bass, conger eels and some big Dover soles are all resident here, and provide most of the action.

Sometimes the tide can run very hard here, so use paternoster rigs anchored by a 5oz breakout sinker to hold bottom.

At times, it may be necessary to cast uptide of your chosen spot, and then release a long bow of line to ensure that your rig stays firmly anchored in place.

Local anglers swear that it’s better to fish this mark at night, but daylight hours still produce the goods.

Ragworms usually outfish any other bait, but crabs and fish baits certainly seem to take their fair share.

Number of lakes/pegs : Large beach and sea wall
Prices : Free parking
Directions : Exit the M4 at junction 24 and follow the A455 towards Newport. After a short drive turn left off a roundabout towards the village of Nash. You will see Goldcliff signposted. Park at the end of the lane behind the sea wall, making sure not to block any private driveways or access points.