This beach, which is just south of Maryport pier, is mainly fished over low water for cod, but produces fish up and over high tide.

At low water the north end is mainly sand, but three quarters of the mile down the beach it changes to rock and kelp, which is popular in winter for cod. South of the rocks, down towards the village of Flimby, is sand but casting into rough ground and kelp which can only be reached on nine-metre tides. High water fishing is mainly onto sand and broken ground.

Summer gives plaice, flounders, bass, eels, dogfi sh and conger eels. Winter offers cod, whiting, coalfish and rockling.

In spring use lugworms, ragworms and white rag for plaice. Peeler crabs are best in summer and early winter. Lug and rag fish best in winter, but frozen peeler crabs, mussels and razorfish will all take fish at times. Try tipping worm baits with mackerel for whiting.

A standard beach rod and reel loaded with 20lb line and shockleader will cover most fishing. Over low water use a single hook rig or pulley with size 1/0-4/0 hooks and a 5oz grip weight. Fish can be caught at all ranges, depending on the ground in front of you.

Distance casting can be an advantage when the tide pushes you back up the beach away from the rough ground, so try a clipped-down rig. Once clear of the rough ground change to a two-hook rig with size 1/0 hooks to give a chance of the smaller species on offer as well as the cod.

Take the A596 west to Maryport, travel through the town towards Workington and after only a quarter of a mile out of Maryport turn right to the Glasson industrial estate. Then 20 yards from the junction turn left into a car park and it is only a short walk from here.

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