The main fishing area is from the burn at the north end to the end of the shingle bank facing the town.

There is a weed and kelp bank along here, which starts 30 yards out and runs out for about 100 yards. Beyond this the ground is more broken. Main quarry is dogfish with other fish a bonus. The only time to fish is two hours down and up around low water in the summer.

The ground is cleaner when casting back into the bay to the left of the shingle, so it is possible to use normal lead weights. Fish are caught at close range.


Dogfish, whiting, cod, gurnards, rockling, flounders and mackerel. The bay at the south end of the venue will produce flounders, gurnards and whiting, but at times it can be hard to get past the dogfish.


Top bait is a sandeel tipped of with a cube of mackerel, although most other baits will catch fish. It is not uncommon to get double and treble-shots of fish here. Feathering will take mackerel in high summer, but it is best in the evenings.


Use a strong beachcaster. Most multipliers will be suitable with 15-25lb line and a shockleader. Use a two or three-hook paternoster rig made with size 2 to 2/0 hooks. Best to tie the rig body in 60-80lb line and the snoods in 20lb memory free line. Rigs should have a rotten-bottom.


Take the A8 from Glasgow to Greenock, then the A78 south at Port Glasgow to Largs. From the south take either the A71 or the A77 to Irvine where it will join the A78 north to Greenock. From the south drive through Largs on the main road until the bay is on your left. Just as you are leaving the bay past Nardini’s, take a left into Aubery Crescent and park. From the north it’s the same turning but just as you enter the bay. It’s a short walk to the shingle.

Directions : From the north and south take the A75 along the west coast to Largs. The shingle point is obvious from the town promenade
Season : Dogfish from July to September, November onwards for codling, mackerel in summer